Summat Poster

An interactive space to start creating our vision for the future of Leeds

Saturday 21st November, 10am – 6pm at Leeds University Union, off Woodhouse Lane, LS2

(TINWOLF space runs from 11am – 4pm in the refectory hall)

“The Summat is a unique event: a bit like a very creative and participatory conference; an alternative, indoor festival; a learning experience; and a bit like a party too. The aim is to gather different people from all backgrounds and corners of Leeds and Yorkshire in one place: to connect, talk, eat, play, learn, and laugh together – and start working out how to create a better world together”.

The Summat will feature workshops and speakers, film, music and performance, and lots more. (See details at http://www.summat.org)

As our contribution to the Summat, TINWOLF will be hosting an interactive space with a focus on “Visioning”. By this we mean creating in our imagination the kind of community, city, world we want to live in – and then identifying the steps we need to take in the short, medium and longer term to make this vision a reality. Whilst drastically reducing our energy use is imperative for our survival – and we believe this means we have no choice but to re-localise production, work and leisure and revive practical skills to make us more self-reliant – we also feel transition offers amazing opportunites for re-thinking social relationships, working for social justice, and leading more meaningful lives through collective responsibility and participation.

The TINWOLF space will host a stall where you can learn more about our activities and about Transition ideas in general, and contribute to an album of thoughts, dreams and practical ideas for the future. We also hope to host a series of conversations throughout the day where we can generate ideas together, possibly focusing on different areas such as food, energy, health, housing, spiritual needs etc – and perhaps place these ideas within a time-line to form the start of an “energy-descent” strategy for Leeds.

Obviously this is just a beginning, and over the coming months we hope to join with others across the city to take this conversation to the widest possible range of groups and communities in Leeds. At 4pm we will be joining a workshop hosted by Leeds TIDAL, exploring ideas for creating a truly inclusive and participatory visioning process that can make a real difference.

For more details of these or other TINWOLF activities, feel free to phone me, Ellen, on 0113 3681999 or 07930 966 205


Our Next Film Screening is on Tuesday 20th October at the Earth & Environment Building at 7pm. Bring your friends!

power of community film screening poster

power of community film screening poster

The “Listen to Leeds” International Day of Climate Action is coming up on Saturday 24th October. Lots of groups are taking part, including artistic, international development, environmental, and faith groups.

The International Day of Climate Action on Saturday 24th October was called by the 350.org group, started by US climate change author Bill McKibben and friends; “350” refers to the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrate (ppm) identified by scientists as a safe upper limit (we are currently approaching 390ppm). “Listen to Leeds” is a local group coordinating Leeds’s contribution to the Day of Action, and is putting together a creative and engaging programme of events around the city
(like Light Night) that you can visit or get involved in.

TINWOLF’s Plan: Bicycle Action!

TINWOLF are planning a mobile bicycle action; riding from headingley into town.
We are meeting Saturday October 24th, 11:30am outside The 3 Horseshoes Pub on Otley Road in Far-Headingley (map here).

We will be:

  • Using bicycle trailers to carry Leeds Urban Harvest Locally-Grown Fruit
  • Stopping off at various points along route to distribute free fruit to the public (potential stops: in front of the Arndale centre, near Johnson’s Dry Cleaning on Otley Road, Hyde Park Corner outside the Hyde Park pub), at University Parkinson Steps,
  • Stop off at other Group’s activities/locations once in the city center to collaborate on talks/discussions/hand out free food
  • Taking a soundsystem with microphone to make announcements and give proceedings a fun flavour
  • Hoping to get a lot of people to join in to make it more fun and a bigger event

The action would help promote cycling as an environmentally-friendly and social activity – maybe even as the real ‘New Generation Transport’ (in relation to the New Generation Transport Trolley Bus scheme as proposed by Leeds City Council), promote locally-grown/environmentally-friendly food and food-schemes (such as local food co-ops), and combine the two by showing that bicycles can be used for transporting goods as well as people .